European Bicycle Registration System

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Don't wait for you bike to be stolen. Register it today.
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Was your bike stolen?
Call in a theft to the international community. is probably your only chance to get your bike back.
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It's completely free.
Possession of a stolen bike is profiteering, for which the sanctions in Poland are a fine or 2-5 years of prison.
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Why to register a bike with

Over 15 million bicycles are stolen every year in the world.
A bike stolen in one city today, can be sold tomorrow at the other end of Europe.
With bike registration in you'll win valuable time in case of its theft.
In case of a bike theft gives a way to inform about it the international community.
90% of bike owners lose possesion confirming documents within the first year after purchase. stores a copy of bike data in the cloud. is probably your only chance to get you stolen bike back.
In you register your bike from any place at any time. You'll be done in minutes.
In, you'll store backup copy of bike's data. Many people never report a theft to the police because they lost purchase receipt and don't now bike's serial number.
You don't need to place any permanent marks on bike's paintwork. Every bike has a unique serial number issued by the manufacturer. It's absolutely enough to identify your bike.
By registering your bike you become a trustworthy seller in an internet auction. Many online buyers checks it up in to make sure they won't cheated by dishonest sellers.

What are the benefits of calling a bike theft in

Notification to the international community of the theft of your bike that is instant, free and done straight from your home. means no need to go to the police station or any other institution.
As is online it's bike base has a global reach. is about speed, exactness and no beaurocracy.
Upon calling in a bike theft in you give yourself a chance to find it. community supports you in the search of a stolen bike. is online for anyone, anywhere and anytime.

What are the benefits of checking the bike in

Unlimited and free access to information about legality of bikes on sale. will help you avoid suspicion of profiteering.
Possession of a stolen bike is deemed profiteering, for which sanction in Poland is a fine or 2-5 years of prison.
Speed and precision - instant search result to your email. means no visit at the police station or any other authorities.
Anyone checking a bike on before purchasing it, might help in exposing an attempt to sell a stolen bike sale. is available online for anyone anywhere anytime.
With you'll check if the seller offers legal bike or parts.

Check a bike you want to buy


Right after receiving the serial number of a bike or part, checks if it had been stolen and sends in minutes the status of the item to the provided email address.